The Illustration & Design World of Zach Johnsen

Select works in print, in publication, and on surface.. This is the work that makes it into everyday life.

Zach Johnsen Sketchbook

SKETCHBOOK is over 200 pages of pure sketch fury.. a comprehensive catalog of the last 15 years worth of sketch ramblings of Zach Johnsen and a mind a'flutter.  SKETCHBOOK is a contemporary art book presented as a filled artist' sketch book.  It is a standard A4 size hard cover blackbook, smythe bound with 216 printed pages on white paper stock.  The look and feel of the book is as if flipping through an actual sketchbook of Zach Johnsen - full of doodles, notes, character development, rough sketches for bigger work as well as more realized, stand-alone drawings.  The sketch is the star of this book and features nothing but.

Size: 8.5x11'
216 pages printed 4/4 offset on uncoated 150gsm white paper
Hard cover.  Case bound/smythe sewn.
Edition of 1000 copies.  
Published by Tank Theory Publishing.

SKETCHBOOK was initially funded via Kickstarter and you can check out the SKETCHBOOK campaign here:



2015 Gnu Metal Gnuru SnowboardI am the unofficial new Gnu Metal Gnuru artist.  I created the sarcophogus graphic for the 2014 Metal Gnuru, and the topographic skull graphics for the 2013 Metal Gnuru.  Now, the 2015 Metal Gnuru is availalble!  The black on black artwork for this year's board is all hand painted and inspired from some of my recent personal work, ala the House of Uncommons. More information at Gnu Snowboards.

Zenvironments BrandI have started a Zenvironments Brand powered by Skyou on This is an on demand platform utilizing the newest of the new in printing and cut and sew technology.  I have released a series of men and womens tshirts, backpacks, laptop cases and womens tights.  

Drawing is a big part of my day, both for fun and when starting a new project. I am constantly making lines and splashing watercolor. I wanted the Zenvironments brand to showcase the fun and spontaneity of the creative process and make that process the focus of the garments.

Please visit to view my store.

Louis Logic Album ArtworkThis is cover artwork I created for Louis Logic's 3rd album, Look on the Blight Side.

Arbor SkateboardsA series of long board skateboards for Arbor Collective using some of my "Acid" drawings. 

Tank Theory Original ArtifactsTank Theory is a tshirt design, apparel, art and accessories brand founded in 2001 by Andrew Silverman and myself. We have focused on artist driven and graphic tees predominantly from the start. After a 2 year absence, I have rejoined Tank Theory as art director. This section is dedicated to the art and design I produce in the TT camp. Check out for more info. 

Slingshot BoardsVarious wake, kite and surf board designs for the Hood River, Oregon based watersports company Slingshot. These guys are rad because all the boards are manufactured here in the northwest, all the printing and production is done locally, and they are ridden and tested in the Columbia River right next to their location. 

Arbor SnowboardsSnowboard designs created for the California based skate and snowboard brand, Arbor Collective

Mountain Dew - Green Label ArtMountain Dew, as part of the Green Label Art series, asked skate shops around the country to create artwork that, if selected, would appear on cans nationwide.  Compound Gallery, although not technically a skate shop, was selected as one of the shops to participate in the northwest. They in turn asked me to create the can artwork and this is what I came up with!  The can is up now at Green Label Art and being voted on.. Please take a moment if you can, register, and vote for my can art in the northwest! Voting ends Sept 9th. 

Osiris TshirtsVarious tshirt designs for Osiris Shoes

Homeschool TshirtsIllustrations and tshirt designs for the startup snowboard apparel company, Homeschool. 

Home School SnowboardingA series of drawings for the Oregon based startup snowboard apparel company, Homeschool. They wanted a series of artwork in the vein of "heavy metal fantasy".. for their website... thus my series in homage to the great Frank Frazetta.

Stanley ThermosRemember those classic, green thermoses your parents had as a kid?  Those are Stanley Thermoses and they recently contacted me to create some artwork for their new product line, Nineteen13.  I was more than happy to create some graphics for a company that was a part of my youth.

Xgames ApparelTshirt, apparel, and hard good designs for the 5 extreme sports of the Xgames

Art OfficialAlbum artwork for the Florida based group Art Official

Guiness - Reach for GreatnessDrawing and development work for the Guiness campaign, Reach for Greatness. I worked with the production company Shilo to create all the hand drawn elements which would later be animated by their team. To view the finished product, please click here.

K2 Snowboards I was asked to rework the 'Players' series I had originally done for Tank Theory as a series of snowboards for K2.  What ensued was the Tank Theory World Wide Weapon model!  At the same time, they were also interested in having me work on another model in my own personal style.. thus spanned the batwing Jibpan!

Kinkyform InkywoodI was asked by Kinkyform to customize one of its new products.. the Inkywood, a pieced and printed table. They were made of laser cut wood, varnished on both sides and screen printed in a limited quantity of 50.

Osiris C.A.N.V.A.S ProgramI was invited to be part of Osiris Shoes then fledgling CANVAS program.  I created original artwork for the entire sneaker package, from the box to insoles and outer shell.  This main graphic also ended up on a tee and print ad.

Line Skis Artwork created for 3 separate Line ski models:  the Chronic, the Invader, and the Mastermind

Don Flood CollaborationCollaboration with NY based photographer Don Flood. These were studies that were eventually to become a full blown exhibition.

Syintific SkateboardsThree separate skateboard graphics for the NJ based Syintific Skateboards:  the Birds deck, the Sketch deck, and the Spirit deck

Silly Thing ApparelTshirt designs for the Hong Kong based tshirt and apparel company, Silly Thing

Ecko Tees Tshirt designs for Ecko Unlimited utilizing some of my previous work that I modified for the brand

Black+White MagazineMultiple editorial illustrations for the Australian men's magazine, Black+White